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Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Herefordshire Russett

Planted a Hereford bred Apple tree in Berkshire the other day. I think the russett is a great apple and look forward to the first crop in a few years time. It is a late cropper with the appearance of a Cox but much of the mouthfeel of a Russett apple. Should also prove to be a decent cider making fruit.

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Baby jerusalem Artichokes

If you are a lazy gardener like me you might consider pulling up the Jerusalem artichokes early. I pulled half my crop at the weekend, to reveal very small, but smooth and delicious baby artichokes that don't need hours of cleaning before being cooked. They really are a taste sensation and serving tiny little fellows like they are now provides a talking point for any dinner party.

Courgettes go Crazy

A recent spell of rain has meant the courgettes have grown quicker than we can harvest and eat them. 3 plants will produce enough for a family of four. Alternatively plant one or two more and when the glut comes (as it will) start pickling!

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